Monday, January 28, 2013

remember chatrooms?

Remember when it was no facebook and there was msn messenger and chatrooms?? I do remember how many pervs and horny guys that were in there. YUCK! Well i was just gonna try a chatroom randomly to see how it was , A TEST! , and the first i chatted with was a horny guy and the second was was holding a conversation and even thought I said I wasnt single, he thought i was gonna come there to him for sex for a laptop?! and he was sayin it such a disgracing way " just need to open your legs" in that way!! and I thought he was a nice guy...he did use way too many smileys after every sentence , maybe a warning sign?
 Thats the last time i try a chat room even if wasnt something I planned on cus NO! its just sick people and perverts guys who cant get girls elsewhere.

YUCK for those 

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