Friday, January 11, 2013

what an awsome start of a day

Well i was going to the grocery store in the mall. and I was gonan recyckle one soda can I had and there was a recept of someone elses in the recycle machine , 4,30 bucks!! I Was like wooww. why would someone leave it??I waited almost 20 minutes by the machines incase someone would come back. Noone did! so finders : keepers? Yepp, then I was standing in line to buy my things, and this lady before me had too much stuff so she wanted to take away some. and when she had some coins , 10 sek fell out of the coin machine and she didnt notice. finders:keepers? Yepp! When i was gonna go to the other grocery shop , I found 1 sek on the ground :) Lucky huh?

Except for that I got UVI. Urine infection not fun. I'll doing my best to fight that monster!

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