Saturday, November 2, 2013

time for me to lose a little weight

Its November and I have started my new job. I want to change my apperance. I do exercise but I havent been eating healthy and I havent really kept track on my exercise either. SO ive done it twice per week or when I realised I havent exercised lol. I want to get rid of my 
*love handles, and 
*my belly. 
*plus my thighs need to get more toned. 

Thats about it , and I do think Ive gained 2-4 pounds I was so good at keeping track if what I ate but lately ive slipped and ive been comfort eating. We all do it right? 

I hope some of you get some inspiration from me :) so we can do it together. 

Im going to losee 4 pounds in November so I got: 4 weeks on me

I like the quote, maybe could had takin a more real life girl though.

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