Monday, January 6, 2014

2-3 hours of sleep? okay lets start the day

Hey Monday

I couldnt sleep too good, but somehow im still up and im doing pretty okay. Just feeling....lonely and I want to be loved. My kind of love.Someone who says I love you and calling me sweet names and just make my tummy feel butterflies in it. But then again a hug or a kiss wouldnt be bad. But not from anyone. I have to love that person!

I manage being alone pretty well, but sometimes, It gets tooo much. It just hurts and anxiety rises. It started after I ate a pizza for dinner. Im on a diet. and I was feeling like "Damn now i screwed up" Im supposed to have 1 day that I can eat something I crave not 2. Thats all when it started. :(

I had no work.

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