Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lost poem

I just sent him an email and how i felt about it, it was time, all my life I have been running away from facing and telling how i feel, bury it deep inside me and kept it there. It had to be said and... DAMN it felt good. so tips for you all, you got something to say to someone, dont bury it inside , let that person know. Cus u will be like me. Explode when u get angry. and feel even worse. I took the step to let it out , my feelings and pain and  I feel like a rock has fallen from my shoulders.


© Shelli
I thought it was a dream, I thought it wasn't real
But pain really hurts and its really how I feel
Memories keep coming back, and so do all of the tears
I hear your voice, and as quick as the smile came, it quickly disappears
I don't know what is happening, because you always held my hand

You said you would never let go, that is what I don't understand
So many promises you made, and more of them broken
Lost and confused, feels like I'm choking
A lot of things I did not say
Now I can't find my way

I feel like a boomerang, you throw me but not only that
Every time you throw me, I always seem to come back
Back to you, back to pain
Nothing has changed your still the same

I can not start over because I don't know where to start
I guess that is what happens when someone breaks your heart
If we are suppose to follow our dreams, why can't I follow you
Because now I am so lost, I wish you were lost without me to

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