Friday, March 14, 2014

Great Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!but I lost my bag after !!!!!!!

BSB  rocked. Danced and just was entertaining as f*ck. It was s uper duper fun. I took some pictures with my lousy phone but its something anyways.

But after when we went into the subway , It was so packed with ppl that I got confused idk what happend. I put my bag on the subwaytrain floor and then it was time for us to go out from it and I didnt pick it up, everyone was pushing to head out so I notice it when the train had left!? :( My camera was there  with memory card WITH ALOT of pictures on the cats and me!!!!!!!! and my wallet and my makeup and a hoodie.  I hope i will get it back but I dont think I will. I will pray I will.

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