Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I did something totally crazy

Well yesterday evening I was out looking for Melissa and I was at this neighbourhood behind the mall..
I went in and before that I saw this guy on a skateboard and he actually fell once, looked pretty funny, but anyways I was just going to go around the playground and then out, But that guy was standing outside the apartment door
and he asked if I had the key and I said No I dont live here. Then I explained why I was out here and if he see Melissa he will contact me and he said I hope you will find her then he gave me a hug?? I was like what did just happen???
I cant stop thiniking about why I didnt give him my nr ?? Like he seemed so cool. I REGRET IT SO MUCH! Im so stupid BUT

WELL today I went back and I made a note put in the buidling to see If he lives there or not cus maybe he does. maybe he will contact me.... I often think YOLO and that is Deff Yolo. Cus What if I miss on a good friend or something. and that hug he gave me just hit my heart like it wasnt a there ya go hug it was like sincere.

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