Friday, June 27, 2014

I love my nieces

I got to see my older brother and my nieces. She can talk so good, and she repeats everything.  The other is just 7 months old but she can crawl and stand up, I think she will deff start walking soon......So cute. My brother came and visit me with my nieces + my younger brother. After that we went grocery shopping, and went home to my younger brother. My younger brother cooked food. He did some kind of sauce wich had balsam vinegar in it. OMG it was so strong when he boiled it up. I started to having hard time to breath. And we ate around 6 PM and its 9:26 PM right now. I still have hard time breathing but feeling a little better
IT WAS ALOT WORSE , really my chest was burning and i couldnt breath in or out. :( Idk why that happen and I dont have my astma medicin either....

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