Tuesday, July 22, 2014

good savings tips

* Eat left overs

* Try to look after coupons or half price when you grocery shop.

* Make a food list what you need so you dont buy to much you DONT need.

* Sell things online you dont use. (can make some money there)

* Try free samples online ( perfume) or look out for free stuff online.

* Try to fix/sew your socks/pants/jeans etc instead of throwing them away!

* Keep an eye on your electric bill, so you wont use too much. it cost money

*  Exercise at home

*  Buy clothes in Second hand if you can. or you buy clothes on ebay or look out for sales. ;)

*  loan books in the library instead of buying

Thats all my savings tips, Do you have any, Just comment :) would like to know!!

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