Friday, August 1, 2014

FML for sure

OMG. I notice a transaction on my account , and it was my phonebill, i was freakin 20 dollars//200 sek more what I expected!!!! WOW. Im so feakin pisssed. I thought now i will have some more money this month....OFCOURSE NOT. MONEY YOU FUCKIN SCREWING ME HARD. I FUCKIN HATE YOU.  i hate thatyou excist and that you are such a huge part of this life of ours. You just making me freakin miserable all the time.

So from now on im saying fuckin goodbye to you money.I wont let you control me anymore. I let  you make me sad, worried , angry. GET IT!!!

Man that felt nice getting some anger out instead of self harm or something....

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