Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi Im Depression

Hi My name is Depression, I will make your life very miserable. You will lose your intrest in whatever you loved before. You might sleep alot more or you cant sleep at all. Everything will seem dark and no way out.
Crying for no reason is also something you might experiance when Im around. You will get irritable, lose  your apetite, You  might start eating even more.  Anxiety can creep up during nighttime. You will feel so alone! The confidence that you had will be gone. Your home will start looking like a mess , maybe because you got no energy to take care of cleaning. In some cases you stop taking care of your hygiene. Thoughts about death will come across your mind, maybe a few times or alot. You will think "How can I end this shit?"

If you feel depressed, try to seek help. Dont let it take your life. You are worth more.. Heck if you cant find a reason, Do it for me.

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