Friday, September 26, 2014


Yeah its Friday. But I havent gotten my unemployment yet :( I called them and someone there said He would try to fix it into my account today. I hope so, Im gettin a liiittle worried about my UNPAID bills waiting for me. He better hurry , Yes HURRY.

Other than that. My new friend called. Ive hung out with her twice now, I dont really feel like it , Its hard to say no when someone is calling you. I pretended to be sick since Sunday. I cant fake it for too long. I guess Im forced to go see her. "Yay" Not really.  You might wonder why I dont want to see her. Well She is nice and so but she is kinda plain. I want someone who can take it a step up like I am. Do crazy stuff. Like go to USA for a week, we dont have the same humor either.I guess she is ....pretty boring. :/

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