Saturday, October 11, 2014

Trying to figure out why I am alive?!

Like I feel miserable most of the time. I cant see to find a job, wich everyone has  or get easier than me. I get angry too easy and often. I dont find anything fun anymore. Im just totally disapointed in my life. And I dont know where to begin to solve it or if its possible???? :( Seems I gotta avoidpeople that are SO annoying. I think I have to become more bitchy or mean to make them get it.

For ex this guy I interned  with this year before I got my job (wich I dont have anymore) was gonna txt about a job. He did . it sounded weird so I said I got something i want. He still txts me!!!??? Are we friends??? Have I missed something??? WTF?! just freakin leave me alone dude. You were gonna txt me about that job . THE END!! not txt randomly. Thats not why I gave youmy nr. Idiot!

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