Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what a wednesday!!

Ugh my sister asked why I removed her from my facebook. WELL I didnt. I just removed my whole account . Idk if she knows about my other account now or not. She seemed upset over it. Yeah not being on eachothers fb is....devastating!! BUHU? Theres other ways to stay in touch aswell. oh thats right she never did do it on facebook either. Does it matter then??

That girl I went to the movies with , she got the point I think. She sent an "email" about how she likes doing stuff all the time and we might see each other soon. its only been 2 weeks since we saw each other. Fine with me. Im independent anyways. she was a little clingy I think. No need for me too feel bad about her then , YAY

phew and a guy on meetme called me a stupid bitch , and he hoped that i would die from heartbreak :/ He and I have spoken before and he wanted to get with me back then and he thought it woud happen again. and he got upset that I wasted his time as he reffered it second time around.

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