Thursday, October 16, 2014

You are my hero

I got to hear from my Prince. And he  totally made something unexpected. He Killed some wasps cus of the thing that happened to me this summer ( I got stung) so he was going to kill the wasps cousins over USA. :P sure he did. 4 outa 5  wasps net he got!!! and killed about 60 wasps.!  MY HERO!
I dont like wasps, they are scary and always up in your face!! Like annoying people lol
He also apologised for me not getting a letter last week. That I probably sat and waited for one....I sure did, OR went total nuts. I didnt tell him that part. LMAO!

Oh , If you have a facebook profile and likes quotes, this one is a good page , A new one,
Cheering up quotes.

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