Friday, December 19, 2014

5 days til Christmas OMG

Yikes. 5 days left til Christmas. Days fly by like flies on a hunt for food.  I was a little bummed I didnt hear from my man but I will or try to survive til Monday. I was trying to find presents for my nieces. I did find one for my oldest niece 2,5 years old but my 1 year old niece, I dont know what the heck im gonna give to her ??    Any suggestions??

I still got my younger sister too, but you know what, she havent been nice, or gone to school that much or studied....Should I really give to her? Im gonna think about it. She is a totall brat. Spoiled brat.

Im gonna get gifts for myself. I do earn it. Being selfish YES, its time to think about me And to think about Jesus. Its his Birthday.

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