Friday, January 30, 2015

Doing better

Finally he is not in my head as much as he was before YAyyy....., I was about to rip my hair off litterly.  I cant do anything about something I cant control.  I like to be in control like if it takes 7-10 days for a letter to come then it should be here by that time , Or my world will collapse.
 I gotta just try to think of something else, get distracted. Im living out here not in Prison. I just have to get ready for anything happen aswell, maybe something bad.... UGH

I have figured out that if he still cares and loves me as much as he says he do, he will contact me  ^^ when he can. If he dont want me in his life, then I would rather him telling me than ignoring me...Cus that sucks.

I need to learn how to be more patience aswell. My bad personality trait.  i want to start a new hobby aswell, well i was thinking of making keychains with my friendship bracelets...idk what else to do.... Hmmmmm'
I tried to buy new stamps on Jpay and IT what the heck??? Well so I sent him a Jpay. fast and easy. I hope I didnt say anything stupid cus i would be ashamed over it. heheee hheeeeee

I feel like a moron at times ...Feel stupid ....well very often Some stuff I say in letters and so, Story of my life
Why does he love me again?

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