Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I got a letter! but....

My guy seems to appear cool and like he tries to act normal but he is down I can tell. :( Poor guy. Idk what I can do.,, except sending money// or send food from the ecomm. I am gonna send him a Valentines Card along with a poems printed on a paper + letter. Hope he cheers up. Now I feel really embarrasssed abt my letters...he did call me crazy, Am I really? Why do you love me then? Idk why...
Gonna try my best to cheer him up. BUT DAMN its nice not to worry and he is doing well "Okay" so that is pretty okay?? abt the worry part  I dont want to become like tha ever again...hopefully never. I havee to have a Plan B some how...Better think of one right now...Yeeeah.

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