Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday starting of the week

I got some sweet mail, :) A letter from my guy. He was wondering if I was serious abt Us and me being there for him cus he has alot of time locked up. I am here for him and im not going anywhere Baby. :P :)

I was at town, handed it my unemployment papers at the office and then i went to my moms to get some silver tape....My vacuum cleaners hose is broke. I am not gonna buy a new vacuum cleaner, Heck no!!!!

I just started to sign up for different surveys, and some are acutally good. I got paid 5 dollars today at my paypal account. takes a little work but its worth it.

check some out here (not available in U.S)
Qassa- Earn money

Toluna- Get rewarded

Global Test Market - Get point and get rewarded

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