Monday, February 23, 2015

My mouth wont heal !!

Ive had sore gums ( a little bleedint the first days) since Tuesday last week :( I floss, I use mouth wash, I brush my teeth. Now im going to eat more C-vitamin. Maybe it will heal better? Just feel so unfresh in my mouth :/ YUCK.

Been in a complain mood all day. I got paid earlier actually 2 days early. I was happy for... 10 minutes after I paid the bills, reality struck in. I dont have more than I usually do after bills. I wish I had like 1000 sek extra wich is about 110 dollars. Its not super much but OBOY it would be for me :) I wouldnt have to be too strickt on what I buy. I hope I will if I get a job...Yeah IF.

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