Thursday, February 19, 2015

Not a good way to start this Thursday

Well I called my mom to wish her a Happy Birthday but her real Birthday is tomorrow. I wasnt sure if it was the right one. Then I wanted her to send a pic of niece she tried to but she said " Oh  I cant find the pic I will send it later" .
So  I said , "O h you dont have to send it  is what she hear then clicked off , I can look at it at my nieces moms page", BUT she clicked off before I had a chance to say it , VERY RUDE. I tried calling her like 4 times. She didnt answer. I tried calling my sisters phone , My mom didnt wanna talk to me, Im like COME ON, she get upset cus of that little thing.
A little after she sends me a txt saying that "Oh you  were in a bad mood I could tell and yada yada try to be happy,". Like it was my fault all of sudden. I wasnt in a bad mood. I said that like in a normal tone! She always defends my younger brother. He said something about her earlier , yes she told me, Complaining , And im the bad one not him??? Excuse me? Are you a little psyco? I think so.

I mean that has happened before but I always taken the blame for it. But this time It wasnt my fault, I stand for it. I did send her a txt saying I wasnt meant to make you in that way , you know it. If you should be annoyed with someone it should be him.

This was an eye opener, because She really makes me feel bad when its not my fault at all. "Like oh its your fault im in a bad mood now" Fuck no!!!  I hope she starts using her brain a little thinking that some things arent mean to be hurtful  towards you.  Making me feel bad.

I sure need a break from her, just never realised how shes been doing that to me. Its very weird. . She blames them, maybe its time for me too also take a step back from being so involved. I dont seem to get something out of it. She dont appreciate me as much as I would like to :(
I think its good for both of us.I do get very easily annoyed with her and I think its because she dont make me happy when I talk to her but shes the only person i can call and shes my mom. I have to deal with my own problems without telling her from now on. :)

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