Thursday, February 12, 2015

What a day!!!

I got 2 more letters from my Sweety. One was dated 24th  january....That was a long time, why the heck did it take that long. He even explains that he got transferred...Go figures!!!! -.- Here have I gone totally crazy sent out those jpays . I feel like a fool. For sure. He said he loved and that im trippin...Yeeee, im nuts,  :/  I sent another letter saying i was sorry for those worry letters and I sent some money hope it helps

 I need to focus on myself aswell , I cant depend him to make me happy all the time. I need to make myself happy, Does that sound right? YES IT DOES. Journeyy of finding myself begins
I feel like I have lost myself during these years and I need to find myself again. I dont think it will be the same me but it will be another version of me :) I need to take care of myself. I get so sucked into bad things Idk how to get out!!

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