Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gosh I hate my allergies

Im in a complaining Mood:

I was gonna take a bath, wash my hair this morning. Afterwards my chest felt heavy and I knew that damn astma was coming out. Im not sure why it happens, but could be mold in the bathroom, mold and water dont mix good. And deff not my lungs in it. I get hard to breath. Took like 2-3 hours before it settle down. I had a hard time sleeping too. Took my nose things so I could breath better (works sometimes)  plus my cat Aaliyah decided to meow outside at 3 AM! I just had fallen asleep. After trying to get to sleep for 2 hours.
Sometimes I wonder why did I get allerrgic to my own furbabies , Of all the things in the world, Why them!!! I wont get rid of them, I love them , theyre my babies. But it feels like im getting more sick....
Im so tired , frustrated. Angry, Sad
My vacuum cleaner, the hose , decided to break, the soft hose part. GREEEAAATT How can I clean now? I will have catdusthair bunnies all over the place. Im waiting on my superglue and I will fuckin fix it!!!!

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