Sunday, March 15, 2015

Little Miss CLumsy

OMG, Idk what happended but after I had cleaned my kitchen, everything went wrong. I wanted to paint my nails and I was just messy with the nailpolish. It didnt go well at all. It looked not good! After that I got some nailpolish on my floor, I tried to ssctub it off with acetonremover, NOT GOOD. It melted the plastic rug! :/ now its like ruff when I feel it and Its visible when the sun comes out from the window and hits the floors. Its shines weird -.- OH yeah I wanted to fix mt sunglasses with superglue, The tube just leaks and I get superglue all over my fingers !!!! OH Noooo!!!
I had to take my pissed off cigarette break , I only smoke when im super pissed.
Do I feel better....A little bit. I hope the rest of the day goes better...  Im planning on working out, I found this video on youtube , 10 minutes workout for love handles and muffin top ( Idk what that is ??)

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