Friday, March 27, 2015

not loosing my mind today

I just sometimes thinking if Im doing the right thing with my guy. He is locked up. Im here. Just when it takes so long without hearing from him, Thats when its the most hard. its gone 14 days without anything...I just feel forgotten and alone :'/

Maybe he didnt even send out something. If he cant take what I said, then be it. He is harsh on me , I gotta be it back, sometimes he takes me for granted and If I dont like something I gotta say it.
its sssoooooooooo hard....ughhhhhh Theres gotta be someway to stop thinking about him. Its just harder when I do. I dont want to go crazy with him on my mind even if I love him, You know what im saying?? I just want to stop missing him that much. Bummer

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