Wednesday, March 18, 2015

workout wednesday

Just got done my short workout for today. I feel refreshed. I got so much free time . I guess one good way to use it to work out. Its good for the body, and payout is awesome!! A hot smokin body as reward, Plus its fun, especially with music on, Am i right??  I bet alot of people like working out with music. It just makes it less hard when its fun , upbeat music to around too.

I would like to get in a little more shape til the summer. So i can wear shorts without being too concious about my thighs or butt.  I dont want to go back to when I was 110ish , Thats almost impossible. Unless I wanna starve myself :( I want to tone it up. More muscle. Plus I get to eat, I love food!!!

good one!!!

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