Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunny Day

Awww man Im tired and my face feels warm. I think I burned it a little. I took my bike to town. It took about 40 minutes. I admit It wasnt easy to paddle. I got astma halfway there and I had to walk time to time. I didnt die. Phew. It was easier on the way  home. The sun was shining alot more. I sweated like a pig. It does feel nice its getting warmer. I bought some more flower seeds so I will plant them pretty soon. I think I need more soil. I want alot of growing plants in my balcony. THEYRE SO PRETTY!!  I just having a hard time not thinking about a job. Its like the back of my head almost all the time. Even when I allow myself to have the weekend off. Its like there. Its a major stress factor. :( Stressed at work , stressed as unemployed. and we complain when we dont have a job nad we complain when we do!? We are never satisfied are we?? Humans......
 I need to do something abt that stress though...before it really kills me.

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