Thursday, April 30, 2015

Valborg in Uppsala

I just came home from being at town, WOW so many people. Its like the whole town is there ( Feels like that but its not) Me and my mom ate some kebab with fries out in the Park. It was yummy.Then when we were going away from town we came across a friend of ours, ( shes around 34) my mom took care of her alot when she was little. She went in the same school as my older brother.She was there with her fianceé and their 2 kids, his parents, his brother and his kids. That was pretty funny becus my mom didnt want to reply on her txt earlier. And then we came across her. WHAT IS THE ODDS?!!

I also  filmed this Adorable video of Lilly when she is begging for some whipped cream:

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