Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maybe Im Demisexual

Are You Demisexual Test

You have reached 86 of 100 points, (86%)
  • demisexual quiz
    If you got 60 points or above, you are Demisexual.
    If you received a score below 60 points, you may like to take our following tests: 
    Note:  It’s normal to receive a score within the 40 – 60 range, as most people aren’t necessarily attracted to other people on a regular basis.

    The Demisexual

    As a Demisexual, you only develop feelings of sexual attraction for a person after developing deep emotional or mental connections with them first.  This means that you may spontaneously develop feelings of desire for any person in your life of whom you are closely bonded with.  Otherwise, it’s very rare for you to feel any immediate attraction to a person based on looks or personality.  For this reason, you fall into the middle of the Asexual and Sexual spectrum, experiencing noprimary attraction to people, but forming secondary attraction to people you’ve connected with deeply.  As such, it’s very rare for you to feel aroused by pornography or to be manipulated by societies use of sex to sell products.  Also, it’s very uncommon and perhaps impossible for you to cheat, or to feel attracted to many different people in your life time.  In summary, you:
    • Must first bond closely with a person to feel sexually attracted to them.
    • Rarely experience “love at first sight”.
    • Don’t experience any primary attraction to people, e.g. breasts, asses and muscles are aesthetically pleasing, not sexually arousing.
    • Can be perceived as “frigid” and sexually “aloof”, often being mistaken for Asexuals.
    • Can develop feelings for best friends, work partners, study buddies, family friends etc.
    • Rarely sleep around or cheat in relationships.
    • Are sexually attracted to very few people in your lifetime.
    • Only interested in having sex with people you love.
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