Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sleep over at my Sis

I just came home from town, it was a carneval wich the town I live in have every year. And now Im going to my sis for a sleep over. We will eat thai food. Idk maybe watch movies!!!!! :) I hope i wont freak out like I get so nervous and get anxiety but I got my happy pill with me and some painkillers (if the headache will appear) I do think it will be very fun. I havent done anything special in a long time. I love my sister. She is 39 btw not my age.
I hope my cats will be okay. I put some water in a bowl outside my door so they can atleast drink.
Aaliyah and Missi is outside , Lilly and Melissa is inside.

If anyone wonders what my cats look like and their names:

from left: grey one : Lilly
Black : Aaliyah
Striped/spotted : Missi (Mississippi)
Black and white: Melissa

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