Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blueberry picking !!!

Like what Aria just said. I watched PLL today btw ^_^ 
Sorry for not blogging. I usually try to do one post per day but I have been kinda down, cus of my cat being gone and that have to go to that jobcoach where i dont feel comfy with. BUT i got some good news I can switch place , I just have to find a new one. Hope the other one is right for me , Yayy.

I notice raspberries on the way to the mall I go grocery shopping. But I also notices blueberries aswell . ALOT of small blueberry bushes. Near where I live. I was picking til I couldnt feel my legs. I was sitting down. I got more than I thought. I am going back deff this week. They taste so good. And people go to the store to buy them when they are for free and they are not genemanipulated or anything. Just gotta wash them before eating :)

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