Thursday, July 23, 2015

Omg what a day!!

I haven't had anything to blog about or really felt to blog. But today has been sooo weird I just have to tell everything.
Well first I had a meeting with the jobcoach man. He tells me I gotta have a sicknote when I only been sick 2 times...I was like yeeahh doctors wont give me one for that THEN he all of sudden change what he just said.... I was like "what the heck is wrong with you?"
I also checked my email this morning I got an jobinterview tomorrow. The jobcoach wanted me to "practice" That only make me more nervous. I just want to do my thing and it will go perfect.Alecture with 3 other people ,

Was going on from 1 pm to 5 pm!. Between 11 am to 1 pm I headed back to my moms to eat ,  I was also  annoyed at her because I told her about the meeting and she just didnt get it. I only drank a diet pepsi.....    I head back there. to sit for 4 hours..... then He want to interview me to practice. I was just too annoyed at him. I dont want to do this shit!! It wont work for me. he notice ima little disconnected. I have a headache. Well almost getting one. IM STARVING. Thats the problem (I should had eaten something) When I get hungry I get pissy.
I tell him that he says"you can go home" I did. I get a hotdog on the way (Apparently I got my unemployment today.... woohoo! finally something  good)
 When I get out from the mall I notice a readhead , big girl standing by a red car. That looks like my old friend Tess. I think it was her,,, I was like uh oh. I turn around and walk over to the other side so I can eventually get to the busstation. I was soo lucky I saw her from a distant.  I so dont wanna pretend being all friendly when I kinda dont give a shit about her.

when I was home I got a call. But I never answered it. but then when i got home I was on the comp , around 7 pm I checked some cat sites and so. nothing. Then I rememberd that phonr nr could had been someone wanted to  tell me abt Missi, I txt that person. She called. She said she seen a cat not too far from me with a pink neclace. Could be Missi!! I went there to check but no cat. Im going back tomorrow to put up more fliers. "Hoping"


I have gotten 2 sweet letters from my man aswell this week.

Hope its not too much to read... lol

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