Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Takers and Givers

So ive noticed something on FB. There are so many esp guys on my friendlist who pours out their problems and feelings. I am the kind of person who listens and try to give advice. But when it comes to vice versa... It dont happen. I dont spill my guts out to anyone. (Used to) but darn you cant trust anyone so why tell them about your biggest secrets or fears. better to keep them to yourself.
Reason I say this is becus I tried to talk to someone who does that. I help. But I just said hey hows it going... but seems he dont care to talk to me. Seem something is more important. How many times I have listened and talked. Well more than I have. Thats what pisses me off and makes me so disapointed in some people. He even called me his best friend. he commented on a pic I posted.... ummm Buddy we aint besties. Never will be...

So.... for the next time someone wants to be all ugh I got this problem...I wont listen. I wont reply. Im done being a shrink to you all. FINITO!!! I get nothing in return anyways!!! Pffffff.... Son of a bitches.

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