Sunday, August 30, 2015

Forgiving him ,Letting go of my anger and being selfish

I just cant go on be angry at him for that. I have to let it go. Plus to forgive him for being a selfish son of a bitch. Im gonna start to put "ME" first. not him. I even gonna try to not to think about him... I wil lsee how that goes lol. You know? Im gonna try to be selfish. Take careof me. I am not in prison and I will never be. He is! Not me! I am out here. I dont have to deal with that shit. I am doing time with him wether I want it or not but I can choose how I do it. Im gonna think of ME ME and MEEE. well my cats too :3 I think everyone should be a little selfish and have some space from your Bf/Gf.
I mean also space inside your head / thoughts. Dont have to worry and please 'em all the time.
Gotta have ME time

My favourite one 


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