Thursday, August 27, 2015

hun give me space

I got another letter from my baby. He still believe that the no visit is right for now. That I should save up for our future when he gets out (he says it wont take that long) Honey have you lost your mind??
Hit your head in the brick wall??? Your gonna be there for a long time. I for sure will not wait that long. Nuuhuhhh.
 I dont agree on that...  to not visit just because its not a contact visit. I wanna get to know you wether its behind glass or face to face I will even make a suprise visit if thats the case lmao.
Heck I wanna travel to USA  wether i visit him or not. I fell in love with Usa when I was there 3 years ago. So i wanna go back. I would feel bad If i was there and he didnt know abt it. whenever I save up....Hopefully. If I ever get a job.......


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