Tuesday, August 11, 2015

live life to the fullest

(As much as you can)

I was reading this article about a woman who discovered cancer a year ago and a journalist catched up the story this year. It was so sad. She noticed it started to bleed in her female parts. Alot. She thought it was her period but then she kept bleeding more. Got checked up. It was a tumor. And it was a rare  type. Only 4 women per year in Sweden gets it! They shrinked it and got the rest with radiation. But after not too long she started to feel pain in her hip and the left side of her head. YEPP the cancer had spred.... and it was too much and too aggressive. She passed away on August 8 :(

Made me think alot about , how anyone can get that horrible disease. When I hear about that the small things just dont seem too big.

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