Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stayed home for 5 days!!! Aahhhh!!!

Im getting sooo restless, I havent been away from home (besides going to the grocerystore). Im relally really bored. BUT my mom is on her way home. She will be back tomorrow , YAY.  I am going to meet my other jobcoach tomorrow too. I have tried to save my busrides for the jobcoach. Dont want to use them just to waste them. Since im kinda broke til next week :/

I am so weird. On Saturday I found a tick size of a pea on my Aaliyah. I was  going to kill it but.... when it laid t here on the paper. It started to crawl. Just amazed me how fast it is despise the fact the tick has a large butt with blood. I mean the tick is fat and gotta weigh some. I put it in glassjar LOL.
It has lived ever since. I wonder how many days it will survive there.
I actually named the tick to "Cruella"

it was superhard to photograph that thing. 

I gooooottttaaaa be bored when i do this shit. lol!!

I also found a yellow spider!( My roomate) on my laptop. So cute. I named it Sunshine. I actually got a picture of her/him.

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