Tuesday, October 13, 2015



I know theres been a couple of days since I blogged. I just have a hard time to figure out what to write about except my pretty boring life? My Missi has been gone for 3 MONTHS. I never thought she would be gone for that long and still are. I dont know if that cat I heard about is her. SUCKS. I had 2 dreams about her. I believe its her calling for me. What to do?? what I already done.

I have not heard from my man either. Idk why his letters take so long to reach me. before it was some what quicker. I am home today. Doing some jobsearching. I didnt feel good when I woke up. I wrote an email abt it and hopefully i wont get sick day cus I did it all at home.
I just added a person from a friend site. You write a post and ppl can reply to it. BUT the guy is flirty and he is only 20. I am 28. I got no interest in him in a romanticly way. I am taken.  He is funny to talk to but  i do not like the flirting. :/ -.-

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