Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Tuesday is here. I have been to the grocery store just bought some junk, I just cant think of anything to eat nowdays or cook. My imagination in food sucks... I wanted some piza but the pizza place was gonna open at 3 pm. So i ordered online. I ordered 2 pizzaz lol!!! Because it was a delivery fee at 3 bucks when you ordered 1. So why not order 2 and get delivery for free. I got some food for tomorrow aswell. Im gonna give some to my mom too. She is having a rough time with my sister. My sister is a brat and very rude all the time... :(  I just ordered also w7 Hide N seek color correction concealer quad. It does work awesome. I have been using powder and It hasnt helped my dark circles at all. BUT NOW it will :)

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