Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2 days til Christmas Eve!!!

Time has fly by well atleast since I start working... Christmas Eve in  2 days!! YAy!!And no work just chill and have fun ^_^ I like alot! In Sweden we celebrate on the 24th. Not the 25th.
Tomorrow is payday too. I got a Christmas gift from the first  company I work with. A cook book and a gift card of 50 dollars/ 45 sek. NOT BAD. I didnt get anything from the other company...I did get a Christmas card in the mail. Hmmm. Little cheap?? lol
I wish My Missi was here. I was hoping she would be home by now?? Where the fuck is she??? And we havent even got snow. Its mild weather?! So she is deff now freezing. The weather is crazy. :/
Im happy I also got to hear from my guy before Christmas I was hoping I would ^____^

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