Sunday, January 10, 2016

No Gmo Please

Im watching a documentary about GMO in Usa. Usa has the most Gmo Foods in the world. Its called: GMO OMG. Im glad to live in Sweden, Where we dont have too much of the gmo in our foods. We dont feed the cows or chickens with gmo seeds. I am pretty sure that cant be good for our body. I mean GMO stands for Genetic Modified Organisms. They alter the genes in plants to be able to survive the bugs and weeds that can kill them.  Well it explains alot better in the documentary.
Try to read labels , eat more organic if you can. I will start to eat more organic this year.


There arent only food that are modified even cows, chickens, fish are pumped with things to make them grow faster,  get bigger, get more milk etc.

Very sick I must say!!!
Click here to look at that

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