Saturday, February 27, 2016

Facebook addiction

I havent been logged into my usual facebook account since yesterday 11 pm. I started to msg this guy i known for several years. He did say whats up then I replied but he only read the msg and I mgs again, He did the same thing! I was like Thats it for me, I was just so annoyed about that. I wont log into my account for awhile. The longest Ive been without fb is 3 days. I will be offline longer this time. Ive just had enough of the people there. And Frankly I dont get too much enjoyment out of fb as before. Wont be easy but I will do my freakin best

I also have a family account, Where I got my siblings. I have logged into there and I never gotten  msg or any comments on my posts :( They just dont care.
To make me feel better that is a must. I read a really good article about FB addiction , There was some good points there, If you look fb more than once each day, You are liekly to be addicted to it , or you feel withadrawls from it...Or you spend more time on FB than your Real Life...
I think I deff got some FB addiction , maybe not the worst but mild one.


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