Friday, February 12, 2016

My day Off

I took this day off, I just really needed it...Sometimes I feel like im gonna go nuts!!
This week has been tough...First of all I got a little remark from the other cleaning company I work with... The lawyers office complained that I had cleaned bad...But that person didnt say what I was doing wrong? And why wait til my time over there had ended...Why not tell me when I was there so I could do it right??  -.- Pissed me off, and made very annoyed..Snobs.

I just got a new phone...My other samsung was good but the camera had so many rips on it that when I was gonna ta ke pics. wich I do alot. It was like this glow on it and it wasnt as sharp as it was. The phone I bought was a Samsung Galaxy j1. A little bigger than my older but the camera was awesome!! I wasnt sure If I would keep it...but I will after trying it out. :) Ima happy girl. Can take awesome pics now.


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