Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fear of conflicts

Im also a little not worried  to hear from him ,but I do fear conflicts. I rather not deal with it thatn deal with it Especially if its someone who is not family member. Im scared of the outcome. Like Omg he is gonna leave me , or he is so gonna stop talkin to me... That is my thoughts after sending that letter to him about how i feel about what I discovered. But then again he did the wrong not me. Plus I read a good article about that in relationships , Apparently people who dont have conflicts or arguments are likely to break up. Because it is bound to happen. It doesnt happen alot between us but its hard cus we are not together 24/7 , I get a letter twice a week. Its hard to argue when the letters comes so rarely. But I always been scared to upset or make someone mad, Im getting alot better with it.I cant predict whats gonna happen only on how I will deal with it when it does happen ^^ GULP. I hope he also doesnt talk nice just because he dont wanna upset me. So wrong.

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