Monday, April 18, 2016

Let go of Anger and Learn from Love

This week will top those other weeks.... FOR SURE :) I let go of those fears and hurt. I havent thought so much about what I did Finally!!! , I just hoped he would forgive me and was gonna give him space. BUT...... I got a letter aaaannnd .. WHA????  He dont want  us to be on a break still wants me as his wife? I guess he said all of that like I did, Out of anger . Anger do ruins alot and insecurites and fears do too. He did explain about the profile. Well anyways that letter smelled wonderful. Smelled him. I cant be mad at him. Anger just sucks the energy outta you. Fuck Anger, I will control you next time and not do that stupid thing again.... That is a promise. Learn and put it behind you. ^^


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