Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Attention seeker

I do have  this weird craving for my moms attention even if Im an adult , Like I want her to give me advice, hear me out about my problems...But when I do, I can tell she just dont really want to help , she just saying it to say it.
 I dont know why I want her to see me, But she never gives me that attention im seeking, Actually when I think back, She hasnt since I was a teenager and through adulthood. I dont think I really paid attention to that when I was a child but I know it was there too...Maybe I also need to go talk to someone., Once...
My mom thinks I dont give her enough space. I really dont. I do call her too much. Ive done that for yearsn now..I want to change my behavior. I dont want to crave for her attention when she will never give the attention I seek...Just pointless! I cant be in a relationship if Im a mess. I know this is not normal. Gotta take care of that first of all...

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