Sunday, July 10, 2016

I love Thunderstorms

I did not take this pic, I wish though!

Me and my mom went on a ferry to Åland. An Island between Sweden and Finland, The cruise line is called Eckerö. It was such a beautiful weather. It was thunderstorm a few miles away. LOVE THUNDERSTORMS!!  Saw couple of lightnings....clouds were so magical. Different shapes and so. I took some pictures. The only thing I HATE is drunk people. They just annoy me. Talking loud and start to sing weird songs Esp on the bus way home to Uppsala-... Wich it was cus it was Saturday afternoon we went. I felt a little nauseous on the way there in the bus. I think it was cus we ate right before the bus came (sallad) I had garlic dressing. My stomach did not like that :S On the way home it was alot better. We ate 2 hours before we head to land and the bus. :) Much better.

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