Sunday, September 25, 2016

Family Drama


My littlesis is causing it again, DRAMA. She is in England right now going in school there til next week, Shes gonna be there for total of 2 weeks. BUT she was supposed to go to London this weekend, (shes turning 18 today.) with couple of friends. One of the friends had her grandma there. But seems they had lied about all that. My sis decided to stay home , with that  elderly woman shes living with. Now shes all mad at my mom that she will stay there for her Birthday maybe she did wanted to go idk . She just got a horrible attitude. -.- Guess who gets to hear all about it, ME!! Im pretty sick of it. Why cant it be all smooth for one day. My mom has been talking alot abt that England trip and abt my sis's attitude for almos 2 weeks now. Its getting pretty annoying.

its Bingo today , Im heading over to my moms I hope she wont talk abt her. I will go crazy if she do  >.<

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