Friday, October 7, 2016

Thank God Friday is here

Finally Friday is here, Im about to head to town, to go and buy my sisters gift (-.-) And then im gonna go work. THENNN head home cus at 6 pm cops will be on ; Bad boys , Bad boys watcha gonna do, watcha gonan do, when they come for you.  Love that show. Since I will be starting to work more on fridays i dont think I will make it to watch cops :( I will see.  Im glad it hasnt been too much negativity today BUT yesterday, aww man. Even one of my fb friends was like; Im having a bad day ughh and dump his shit on me. He hasnt even spoken to me for weeks...ofcourse the only time he does, to share his problems..I am not your shrink!!!! I am not Dr Phil!!  -.-

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