Sunday, October 16, 2016

What the heck???

I told you earlier abt the msg from my moms halfcousin's daughter...She went totally weird on me cus I happen to answer the same as her , about what changes makes me nervous. She thought I was makin fun of her. :/ WHAT? and I tried to explain but apparently she is just way to wacko. I even apologised that I made it like that...She never replied back. Maybe a good thing. I was pretty pissed. She is just way to suspicious and making things bigger than it is...! who cares If I happen to say the same thing as her...If she did it , I wouldnt even care. So what??? I wont talk to her. She ruin it. Her weird problems ruin it. I think she needs help. For real. That is not something to even make a big deal out of... SIGH was hoping she blocked me..But she didnt...crap. I just need to let that go. She drains me already....

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